The rooms

The rooms of the Villa offer the space, calm, intimacy, comfort and discretion of a charming hotel.

Room Chjarezza

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

This room of 25m2 with a Queen Size bed, named Chjarezza, wants to evoke
the fluid and soothing calm of clear waters. It is ideal for a couple wishing to
stay in a spacious and bright place.
The room is air-conditioned and equipped with a TV. The bathroom with its
old charm is separated by a large glass roof, three windows open onto the
It combines transparency with color, its ochres associated with wood and
glass invite the softness of the present which flows and make it a real source
of rest to get drunk at the crystalline cup of time.

Price : From 99 € (in low season) breakfast included.

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Room Chjarezza (Transparency)
1 to 2 people

Room Acelulle
(The bird's den)

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

You will love this delightful room and its 20m2 space in which blue and green mingle to give you the fresh impression that the garden is an extension of it. It is designed as a real cosy nest which will bring you the rest and the change of scenery you are looking for. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to wake up to the sound of birdsong and enjoy the pleasure of staying away from the noise of the city.

This room combines charm and comfort, a queen size bed, a dressing table, a TV, a wardrobe, three windows, one of which opens onto the swimming pool and the green mountains, a bathroom equipped with a shower, reversible air-conditioning, free WiFi connection.


Price : From 95 € (in low season) including breakfast.


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Room Acelulle (The bird's den)
1 to 2 people

Sugnulime suite

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

The Sugnulime suite offers an air-conditioned space of 36 m2 with a small
living room, a decorative fireplace, a TV, three windows on the garden, an
old-fashioned bathroom with bathtub and double sink.
Equipped with a Queen Size bed, it is ideal for a couple wishing to stay in a
warm place that is both intimate and spacious, comfortable and authentic.
The Sugnulime suite invites you to make every dream palpable, conceived as
a true prelude to daydreaming, it will lull your nights with imagination and

Price : From 132 € (in low season) breakfast included

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Sugnulime suite (dreaming)
1 to 2 people

Sapienza room

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

The Sapienza room has been thoughtfully designed with Spinoza's words in
mind: "The very essence of Man is the desire to be happy". It is a small,
comfortable haven of peace that invites you to experience supreme and
shared joy.
It offers a beautiful living space of 24 m2, with a private bathroom, a TV, two
large windows, a Queen Size bed. It also has a boudoir dedicated to the
memory of Isabella Tonarelli, mother of the former owner, a Spinozist
philosopher, whose portrait will be the wise guardian of your nights.
The mystical atmosphere of Sapienza, in which the smell of wood mingles
with the colors of fabrics shaded by the sun, invites you to the joy of being
part of a whole, time here no longer exists, past and present are married to
leave only a memory of well being.

Price : From 99 € (in low season) including breakfast

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Sapienza room (Knowledge)
1 to 2 people

A Nebbia d'Oru suite
(the golden mist)

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

You can choose to rise above the clouds of time to the luminous room
"Nebbia d'oru". This 37 square meter suite, with its refined ochre and blue
decor, evokes the marriage of mist and light, and is designed to give your
nights the gentle lightness of a honeyed mist.
It is equipped with air-conditioning, a TV lounge, a bathroom in the old style
with bathtub and double washbasin, a Queen Size bed and five windows,
one of which has a balcony and a breathtaking view of the Conca d'Oru.
Designed to enchant your nights and your dawns with its amber clouds, it
can become the tender nest of pleasure for a couple in search of softness
and tranquility.

Price : From 165 € (in low season) breakfast included

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A Nebbia d'Oru suite (the golden mist)
1 to 2 people

U Pagliaghju suite
(The pailler)

OCCUPATION : 1 to 2 people

Located on the ground floor, this large room is equipped with sanitary
facilities in accordance with PMR standards (persons with reduced mobility)
but can also be suitable for a couple wishing to stay in a spacious and bright
room. A large bay window illuminates the wooded atmosphere of this 30 m2
living space where the honey of the oak blends naturally with the brown
tones of the fabrics. A French window opens onto a small private garden
with a personal outdoor living room that invites you to taste the intoxicating
scents of the lime tree, or to contemplate the starry sky at night.
The room is equipped with reversible air-conditioning, a TV lounge, a private
bathroom with an Italian-style shower equipped for people with reduced
mobility, and a double bed (160 cm). It promises the calm and rest you are
looking for.

Price : From 132 € (in low season) breakfast included

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U Pagliaghju suite (The pailler)
1 to 2 people