The region

The Nebbiu is a region that surrounds the Gulf of Saint Florent, composed of the Agriates and a constellation of villages: Rutali, Murato, Vallecale, Rapale, Pieve, San Gavino di Tenda, Santo Pietro di Tenda, Olmeta di Tuda, Oletta and Saint Florent.

The region

Rutali, in Upper Corsica, is part of the Nebbiu (mist) region, because the mist
often covers its villages in winter.
This region which overhangs the "Conca d'Oru" (the Golden Conch,
nicknamed by Pascal Paoli father of the Corsican nation) is both historical by
its heritage and typical by its contrasted and unusual landscapes.
Crossroads between the Cap-Corse, the Balagne and the Bastia region, it is
the ideal starting point to discover the Corsican interior and the island life.
From the village, you can easily reach the whole island of beauty.

The hikes


The ridge path to Monte Torriccella from Rutali will allow you to admire the
views of the two seas.
The Memory Route - Trà aghje è Pagliaghji
Starting from Rutali, this route in the middle of the scrubland at 600 m
altitude, gives to discover beautiful pieces of the built heritage and refers to
the great pastoral tradition of the Haut-Nebbiu. with views on the sea.

The beach of Lotu by the coast from Saint-Florent
A hike that takes you through part of the Agriates desert by the coastal path
and leads you from Saint-Florent to the Loto beach, passing through
unforgettable landscapes.

From Saint Florent to Saleccia by the coastal path
Departure from Saint-Florent - This hike allows you to apprehend the desert
by a very pleasant path while bathing in dreamy creeks

The activities

The Nebbiu offers to visit remarkable monuments and allows to make
magnificent walks, you will not have to choose between the sea and the
mountain, the Nebbiu offers both.
The church of San Michele de Murato, a jewel of Romanesque art.
St Florent, its marina and its dream beaches, its Genoese citadel, its music
festival "Porto Latino".
The Agriates desert, a mountainous area with an abundant fauna and flora
and 35 km of coastline with heavenly beaches.
Patrimonio, famous for its wines, and its festival "Les nuits de la guitare".
Bastia, 20 minutes drive from Rutali, its famous old port, its old streets, its churches and its museum.

Selection of restaurants near Villa di Rutali


A Funtana : +33610684993 ( July and august )

Murato : 6kms (7mn)

Le But : +33495376092

Olmeta : 5kms (9mn)

Le Jardin d’Antoine : +33495321667 (Noon)

Olettta : 11kms (15 mn)

A Forge : +33495571276

Ortale-Biguglia : 9.5kms (14mn)

Pizzeria U Fucone : 33495605461

Rapale : 12 kms (16mn)

I Fratelli +33970351883

Saint Florent : 18.4kms (25mn)

La Marinuccia : +33495370436

MaThyS : +33608764077

Le Petit caporal: +33609595554